XP Deus WS4 metal detector

If you will come to any metal detecting rally in the United Kingdom you will see at least a couple of people equipped with XP Deus WS4 Metal Detector. The reason for this is obvious: the device provides an appropriate level of service for detectorists.

For most of the owners of XP Deus WS4 Metal Detector is not the first one. In most cases, experienced hobbyists buy them to approach the next, more professional level of metal detecting. And this is the right choice.

Like other models of XP Deus, this metal detector has a good level of adjustable parameters for the particular needs of the user: multi-tone sound, adjustable sensitivity, discrimination. Its reactivity and power can be also modifiable. Finally, XP Deus has two important options: notch and pinpoint, which are highly required by experienced detectorists.

One more option that makes this metal detector truly outstanding: you can make your own programs. Again, this feature cannot be appropriately assessed by rookies in metal detecting. Hence, they can choose any of 10 different factory programs available on the device.

The main difference between XP Deus WS4 Metal Detector and other models in this product line is the… headphones.
So what makes WS4 so unique? The answer is simple: their wireless mode and convenience to use because of compact, foldable design.

WS4 model is lightweight earphones with high pitch signals and smart design: their headband goes around the neck but not over the top of the head. Hence, it is a reasonably good choice for summertime. However, sometimes, this design feature may negatively influence the WS4 headphone ability to block out noise. At the same time, with separately purchased muffs the problem may be solved.

Also, WS4 headphones may not fit people who wear glasses due to extra pressure on ears for hours. For this category of people, it might be reasonable to consider XP Deus WS5 Metal Detector. But also, in comparison with other models, there are fewer chances to break the WS4 controller than a complete set of WS5 headphones.

Additionally, there are a couple of videos that provide the overall assessment and give you a feeling of WS4 headphones for XP Deus:

Weight2 kg
Battery Life24 hours
Factory Programs10
Ability to Make Own ProgramsYes
Coil9 Inch (22cm) or 11 Inch (28 Cm)
Frequencies4 working frequencies: 4 – 8 – 12 – 18 kHz
Extra Battery IncludedNo