Area: Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey

Membership Fee: £15 (renewal fee is £10 if paid on June 15)

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Details about Berkshire Detectorists

Berkshire Detectorists was founded by Ray Laidlaw and Kelly Le’Dvon in June 2011. The Club has received a lot of support from the other members of Metal Detecting Forum UK for their initiative.

The aim of this metal detecting club is to help other people that have a passion for metal detecting. No permission to search on is not a problem. One of the founders of this metal detecting club, Kelly Le’Dvon constantly went for permission hunting and spent a lot of hours cold calling on farms. 

The metal detecting club is created for like-minded people to go out for digging, enjoy the social aspect and to show off finds to the county. 

As of now, Berkshire Detectorists have secured 2,000 acres of land to search on. Particularly, appreciation to Gilbert Crocker (RIP) and his son Harvey, who have generously provided consent for search on their land.

This metal detecting club got another eight permissions to have metal detecting events on the farms.

The Berkshire Detectorists have done lots of digs and many members have found items that have been recorded with David Williams, FLO for east Berkshire and Surrey. Anni Byard covers West Berkshire and Oxfordshire

The joining fee is £15.00 per year, reduced to £10.00 upon renewal on the Club’s anniversary on June 15th.

Weekend digs at the metal detecting club are charged £10.00 per day, which is split 50/50 between the Club and the farmer.

Berkshire Detectorists raise money for help for heroes and a portion of the dig fee is donated to this cause or another charity upon the landowner’s request.

All members of the metal detecting club must have public liability insurance with the NCMD or FID and up-to-date membership.

Berkshire Detectorists is a metal detecting club, established on June 15, 2011
Berkshire Detectorists is the UK metal detecting club, established on June 15, 2011