Market Rasen Town Council has adopted new metal detecting policy

An official metal detecting policy has been adopted by Market Rasen Town Council after several enquiries from local enthusiasts.

A discussion was held at last week’s Market Rasen Town Council (MRTC) meeting about the issue.

Mayor Councillor John Matthews revealed there had been several enquiries, prompting Town Clerk Lucy Waller to prepare a policy.

Coun Matthews said: “The office has had a couple of enquiries as to whether enthusiasts may go metal detecting on our property

“And the clerk, being as diligent as she is, has created a policy so that there is no ambiguity.

“In my mind, there is no 
ambiguity – we don’t want 
people digging holes in our green surfaces and causing a potential trip hazard

“We spend a lot of money on maintaining spaces and 
keeping them in good order

“There is plenty of agricultural lands that farmers will let them go and explore.”

New metal detecting policy is applied for Bell Playing Field (pictured)
New metal detecting policy is applied for Bell Playing Field (pictured)

At the meeting, Coun 
Nicola Brooksbank raised a possible problem and said: “Is town council land classed as public land?

“That is an area of controversy. If it is, they don’t need permission legally.”

Coun Matthews replied: “It might be public land – but with designated use .”

Coun Brooksbank added; “I think they should be getting permission and I completely agree with this but that would be their argument back.

“I am just making you aware in regards to the legality behind it. That is the grey area .”

Deputy Mayor CounStephen Bunney said: “I think we should go ahead with the metal detecting policy and if it is challenged – it is challenged

“We are not saying no.”

Councillors voted in favour of introducing the metal detecting policy.

The policy, which was shared with the Rasen Mail reads: “In general, metal detecting is not permitted on any land owned by MRTC

“Any proposal to carry out metal detecting on Market Rasen Town Council land will only be considered as part of a programme of historical or archaeological research.

“Persons or organisations wishing to carry out such research will need to apply in writing to Market Rasen Town Council.

“Any individual carrying out metal detecting shall hold a current National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD) membership card showing 
details of their £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance Cover, and any organisation carrying out metal detecting shall hold Public Liability Insurance to the same level.

“Any individual or organisation carrying out metal detecting shall adhere to the Code of Conduct as set out by the NCMD.

“Any individual or organisation carrying out metal detecting shall strictly observe and adhere to any special conditions set out by MRTC.

“Any individual or organisation carrying out metal detecting shall record finds with third parties including:

  • the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS)
  • Historic Environment Records (HER)
  • Any museum service after gaining permission from Market Rasen Town Council.

“All treasure as defined by the Treasure Act 1996, together with any artefacts shall remain the property of MRTC.

“Rules and procedures as set out in the Treasure Act 1996 will need to be followed.”

Source: Market Rasen Mail