Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 Metal Detector with 3-Segment Digital Target Identification

Discovery 1100 Metal Detector


Easy To Use







  • It took a minute to set up for sensitivity of metals we wanted it to read, but once you have it set up it is very accurate
  • Light weight works great!
  • One of the features i like is the sensitivity control and Discrimination and also has a headphone connection which all work great.
  • It is a good starter model and VERY easy to operate
  • also it's absolutely GREAT FOR KIDS ALSO ,,kids can hold this detector for hrs with NO problem


  • The only reason for the 4 out of 5 rating is the armrest, and the battery case seems like its going to break evertime I open it
  • Lots of false iron hits when it brushes grass, but I believe that's typical
  • The only thing I'd say is that the pinpoint mode doesn't work real good around saltwater or wet sand
  • The detector will only find quarter sized coins up to 3-4 inches deep.

When you are on the starting point of your way as a metal detectorist, it is better to have a strong positive experience with your first MD device. That’s why, Discovery 1100 Metal Detector can be your outstanding anchor in the fields and on the rallies.

Discovery 1100 Metal Detector, offered by Bounty Hunter, is quite good Discriminating Metal Detector for beginners. It gives you a unique sound for different types of metals, has 3 Modes and 3-Segment target identification.

In addition, Discovery 1100 has 7-Inch Waterproof Searchcoil with helpful 4-Segment depth display.

Padded Armrest & Cushioned Handgrip “S-Rod” are one of the best features of this well-designed metal detector. Also, Discovery 1100 Metal Detector is equipped with a flexible Handle because of Adjustable Stem (44″ to 51″ / 112 – 129,5 cm). This pliability makes Discovery 1100 good for a wide group of detectorists, for instance, for kids & teens.

Traditionally, ¼-inch Headphone Jack is a convenient topping for this model.

Feedback From UK Amazon

“I purchased a bounty hunter discovery 110 disc11 metal detector as an xmas gift. And on xmas day we discovered there were no English instructions. So, now need to search the internet to find some. I cannot review the product use as it is not yet working due trying to figure out how the batteries go in.”

Verified Amazon buyer